A Taste of St. Louis' Past

As the family story goes, Dad's Original Scotch Oatmeal™ Cookies arrived in California from Scotland around 1900.  Shortly thereafter, the parent company began selling rights to the company name, making Dad's Cookie Company one of the country's first franchised businesses.  In 1927, one of the company's salesmen passed through St. Louis and visited Carpenter's Ice Cream on Goodfellow Avenue.  After sampling the wares, Mr. Carpenter realized the unique flavor of the Scotch Oatmeal Cookie would ideally complement his ice cream so he obtained the franchise for the St. Louis area.

As Good Today as Yesterday!

Henry Renz Sr., a South St. Louis baker, bought Dad's Cookie Company from Carpenter's Ice Cream in 1938.  The Renz bakery at the corner of Louisiana Avenue and Keokuk Street (shown below) became the new home of Dad's Cookie Company where it remains to this day.
Henry "Hank" Renz Jr. took over the family operation in 1949 and continued the time-honored methods handed down from his father.
Dad's Cookie Company Storefront
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And The Tradition Continues

In 1988, Dad's Cookie Company passed to yet another generation of the Renz family, the Hastey brothers.  Dad's Cookie Company still provides the same old-fashioned service and excellence our customers have enjoyed for 70 years.
In 2004 Dadís Cookie Company expanded its offering of delicious products with the acquisition of Sweets & Treats of St. Louis.  Sweets & Treats of St. Louis has been making incredibly delicious gourmet popcorn and treats since 1993.  When the opportunity came along to join forces in 2004, we couldnít resist.  In the same great family tradition of baking only the best tasting and highest quality cookies, Dadís Cookie Company now offers fresh Gourmet Popcorn, chocolates, and other delicious treats under the Sweets & Treats brand name.
A visit to our shop is truly a step into the past.  Many of our customers recall childhood visits to Dad's Cookie Company with a parent or grandparent.  The antique wood, the glass display cases, and the marble counters have remained the same since 1938.  We still weigh our cookies on the original bakery scale and wrap them in a brown paper bag tied with white string.  Stop by to see us and start a family tradition of your very own.

Old Locations

Records show that in addition to St. Louis, MO, the Dad's Cookie Company franchise had bakeries in the following North American locations during the 1900s:
Detroit, MI
Los Angeles, CA
Oakland, CA
Boston, MA
Baltimore, MD
Kansas City, MO
Cleveland, OH
Irvington, NJ
New York City, NY
Buffalo, NY
Seattle, WA
Dallas, TX
St. Paul, MN
St. Petersburg, FL
Little Rock, AR
Denver, CO
Omaha, NE
Indianapolis, IN
Memphis, TN
New Orleans, LA
Oklahoma City, OK
Sommerville, MA
Montreal, Canada
Toronto, Canada
To our knowledge, all have either closed or have been bought out by other companies.
Dadís Cookie Company of St. Louis still proudly produces the original recipe Dad's Original Scotch Oatmeal™ Cookies.


Dadís Cookie Jars

There have been various versions of Dadís Cookie Jars™ over the decades.  Some were made of glass with a glass or metal/tin lid, some jars were even made of plastic.
The jars most widely distributed throughout the years were 1-gallon, 2-gallon, and 3-gallon glass jars. 
The 3-gallon jars were specially designed with the words PROPERTY OF DADíS COOKIE CO. molded into the surface in raised lettering.  These jars are no longer made, and unfortunately if you own one without a lid, replacement lids are not available anywhere.
The smaller 1- and 2-gallon jars usually had a paper label or silk-screened water transfer decal.  The labels came in various shapes.  The larger 2- gallon jars are the same dimensions as the jars many individuals are familiar with as "pickle jars" on deli shop counters.  The 1-gallon jars are the same design, only on a smaller scale.

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